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You have arrived at Forged Ahead: A Party To Access, the accessible guide to tabletop gaming & role playing. People with disabilities exist in any time period; anywhere there is civilization. Even if the fantasy world includes magic! And we’re here to explore those untold stories created by the diverse individuals they reflect.

Feel free to browse through our wares of World Building, Community Outreach, Education, and Mechanics guides to improve the authenticity of your accessible fantasy world.

Welcome to the party. We’re so glad you’re here!

Rachel Voss & Wesley Magee-Saxton

Co-Founders of Forge Ahead: A Party To Access

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FA Character: Mist (he/him/his)

One of the first characters Rachel ever created was a Swashbuckler Rogue Tabaxi named Mist (he/him) that lost his leg to a gator in a swamp saving his comrade. When designing Mist several years ago, Rachel rolled high dexterity. This caused a very brief moment of discussion whether a Tabaxi, a large cat, would haveContinue reading “FA Character: Mist (he/him/his)”

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